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Whitehead Chiropractic Offers A Large Range Of Healing Chiropractic Services

Chiropractor showing model of the spine to patient in Austin, TX

Whitehead Chiropractic, an Austin, TX chiropractic center, provides a complete range of family chiropractic services. Dr. Whitehead and her team of specialists have the experience and training to ensure you not only receive the proper diagnosis, but also the treatment you deserve to make a recovery.

Whitehead Chiropractic works to discover the true cause of your pain, and that begins with a comprehensive examination that explores your history and musculoskeletal history extensively, which can include orthopedic, neurological and functional exams.

Dr. Whitehead is a chiropractor that works to implement an evidence-based treatment protocol that ensures you have the right treatment, whether it’s spinal adjustment to improve spinal alignment, help with pediatric care, improving endurance, or alleviating pain in areas like the knees, back or feet. Every treatment from Whitehead Chiropractic is designed to speed healing, improve physical function and enhance your quality of life.

Whitehead Chiropractic also specializes in spinal health, which is one of the most important areas of the body. This structure support’s the body’s weight, protects the spinal cord, connects nerve tissue, helps coordinate motor commands, and helps us partake in the day-to-day activities that many of us take for granted.

Unfortunately, there are a variety of ailments that can impact the spine stemming from auto injuries, sports injuries, and even just everyday activities such as bending over. These ailments can include pinched nerve, spinal compression, misaligned vertebrae, dangerous curvature of the spine, whiplash, and many more conditions. The pain can be immense, and even impact organ functions, immune response and reproductive health.

Chiropractic adjustment and other specialized treatments at  are safe and non-surgical methods to restore the spine’s health, and offer a drug-free health treatment for better wellness. In addition, Whitehead Chiropractic has a variety of spinal adjustment techniques that are safer and more effective than others. You won’t have any painful popping sensations in your spine with Whitehead Chiropractic. Instead, Dr. Whitehead and his team use the following type of techniques:

  • The Activator Method, which uses a specialized instrument allows your chiropractor to use a variety of force settings to apply targeted therapeutic force to specific trigger points.

  • Another successful technique is the Thompson Technique, which is performed on a drop table. The technique actually uses your own body weight to exert force on specific trouble points in your back, spine and neck. The table actually responds to the force applied, which allows for natural movement and a more comfortable adjustment for patients.

For carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers, Whitehead Chiropractic focuses on applying therapy to the median nerve, applying splints to restrict motion, and even targeting the neck to remove nerve impingement if wrist pain is stemming from there.

Natural services are available to mothers both during pregnancy and after birth, which can help alleviate back pain, speed healing, and provide prenatal massage to help mother’s with troublesome joints and muscle strain.

When it comes to TMJ, headaches and nerve pain in the upper body, Whitehead Chiropractic uses includes spinal manipulation, trigger point therapy, and nutritional counseling techniques.

Ultimately Whitehead Chiropractic has treatment strategies for a variety of conditions, including as well as vertigo, fatigue and hip, knee, and foot pain. To learn more about our services, contact us at 512-451-0115 or visit us at Whitehead Chiropractic 5775 Airport Blvd. #300.


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